Our Family Will Soon Be Growing!

Those of you who know us well, know our family has been growing steadily since Ben and I got married in 2003. However, this time, our growth will be a little bit different.

A Photo of Us at Children of the Promise

Us at Children of the Promise ~ Lagosette, Haiti

Ben, Cody and I took a trip to an orphanage in Haiti earlier this year and we’ll never be the same. Spending a week with orphans gives you a perspective you won’t have otherwise. These kids have no one. NO. ONE. They are spending their days in waiting. The nannies do their best to love and take care of them but it pales in comparison to the love, stability and provision a home and a family can give them. Our hearts were broken for these sweet babies and babies all over the world who need a family who will welcome them and love them. It is not their fault their parents died or their family members can’t provide for them. They need rescue, love and Jesus.

A photo of our hand prints.

We left a mark on their wall, they left a mark on our hearts.

We want to share our home and all that God has given us with a child who doesn’t have a family. We believe God has called His people to take care of the fatherless and we count ourselves blessed to have been adopted into the family of God. We couldn’t leave those beautiful children in Haiti and not do something about it. Since returning from Haiti, we have begun the adoption process and are following God’s leading as he directs us to the child we will soon welcome into our family.

Will you join us on this journey? We are blessed to be a part of the body of Christ and in an amazing support system of friends and family. We are excited to see how God is going to work out the details. Please be praying for us.

We will be keeping our blog updated so you can see pictures, learn about the current status of our fundraising, hear about ways in which you can pray, share in our joys and find out more about our adoption process.

Thank you for partnering with us. We are so excited!


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