Week In Review ~ January 11

This past week we dove back into school after three weeks off for the holidays. Whew! I was ready. My kids, however, weren’t as ready. By God’s grace, we survived. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise to have the van in the shop all week because it saved us from exposing our family to the flu epidemic forced us to stay home and get back into school wholeheartedly. We’ve had some crazy cold temperatures and lots of snow here, so it’s been a week of good, old fashioned family time, learning and fun.


Monday morning and we’re back to our school routine, Diet Coke and all.


Guy time.


Some of the books I’m working my way through.


We have more than our fair share of static around here! Ugh.


Bummer for her, even princesses have to learn how to read.

Back to the books. So proud of him! He’s motivated, responsible, smart, deep thinking, enthusiastic about learning and more serious than any 8-year-old should be. This kid is going places!


This week for Five In A Row we read The Adventures of Peter Rabbit.


She tells me her favorite thing to do is play salon. Love!


Keeping indoor fun interesting on a day too cold to go outside.


Allie’s five-year-old well visit went well after much dread and drama! Praise God she is healthy and growing!


We have been working on adoption training and paperwork quite a bit this week! Thankful for bonding time and progress!


Imaginations have been in full swing as these three have played, shoveled trails and constructed snow forts. So nice to see them get fresh air, work together and get along!


So thankful for the big caramel corn order I made this week!


Ben and the older kids cleaned snow a couple times this week for ourselves and our neighbor across the street. The rest of us watched. 🙂


This is how I wish I spent the whole week!


Ben has been battling the elements this week and even picked up an extra shift on Saturday morning! Praise God, he stayed safe and that he’s willing to work extra hours even when it’s crazy cold and snowy!


Baby friends!


Big kid friends!


A fun night (Adults only! Yay!) with our Sunday School class for our annual white elephant Christmas party. Lots of laughter and good conversation. We are so thankful for this group of people!


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