Week In Review ~ January 25


On Monday, my sister and I drove up to spend the day with some of my family. My grandma hasn’t been doing very good and we wanted to spend some time visiting with her. It was a joy to visit with her and grandpa!


This girl is a little bookworm just like her siblings! I adore that she is regularly found engrossed in a pile of books!


We have been struggling with her taking her clothes off, including her diaper! This happens all around the house but especially in her bed. The results are usually far less than awesome. After much trial and error, this is the best solution we’ve come up with: jammies backward with a shirt over top. She hasn’t figured out how to take a shirt off over her head. Yet. This pictures proves, she’s still trying to outsmart us, but so far this has kept her from taking her clothes and diaper off completely!


We worked on colors this week!


This guy is a reading machine! This week he finished his book list for first grade and is begging for another list.


Tuesday’s date day was for me and Allie. She requested that we play nail salon and we did her toenails, complete with a Strawberry Shortcake lotion foot massage. 🙂


Neena came to visit on Wednesday. She brought lunch and a Neena Box! We’re spoiled!


Allie and I rowed Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey this week. From this sweet book: “Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were bursting with pride. It was a great responsibility taking care of so many ducklings, and it kept them very busy.” I love Robert McCloskey and this is one of my favorites.


We spent Wednesday afternoon exploring the trails at a local nature center. It was a beautiful day and fun to be outside as a family!


Four of my favorite people.


Lillyanna ate snow for the first time thanks to daddy teaching her. 🙂


The whole family ventured to the police station on Friday afternoon so Ben and I could get some fingerprinting done for our dossier. Yay! One step closer!


I got to spend Friday evening with this precious guy and his older siblings. It was fun to spend time with them without my kids there hogging them! 😉


Saturday morning we did some cleaning as a family. It was nice to have happy, enthusiastic helpers! The kids love using this child-size Norwex dusting mitt and I love that they don’t have to spray anything! 🙂


Daddy took the older kids outside to help them build a snow fort. They worked hard and had so much fun!


Here, he’s planning to throw those snow balls at me!


Handsome hubby, great daddy.


My goofy girl eating “snow dogs”.


Layer 1 of the snow “bricks”, complete.


While the big kids played outside, little miss and I played inside. Love this picture of her and her baby!


Sunday we spent the day with my family. It was a wonderful celebration of my grandma’s 83rd birthday and a bit of a family reunion. This is a picture of my grandma (my dad’s mom) with all of her great-grandchildren. Precious moments!


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