Week In Review ~ February 8

So, yes, I realize it’s actually February 18th, not February 8th, but alas, it is only February and I’m behind on my goal for 2015. So, humor me as I backtrack to a review of a couple weeks ago…


On February 2nd, I began a part-time job, of sorts, to earn money toward our adoption. I’m super excited about this and thankful for a way to earn some extra money!


We played store for math this week. Shhh…don’t tell her it was for math. 🙂


We got 12 inches of snow overnight!


She just couldn’t make it through bedtime stories…


For date day, Ethan helped me make popcorn…


…then we played a game of his choice, Scrambled States of America. He’s better at Geography than I am.


Just reading to Pippy.


This little lady was SO sick all day Wednesday, then woke up Thursday completely fine. It was heartbreaking but I enjoyed the snuggles while they lasted!


This kid. He has so much energy. Sometimes getting schoolwork done looks like this.


Buddies. Sometimes it’s fun to break out a toy you haven’t used in awhile.


Breakfast for dinner. You may think this plate belonged to one of our children. Nope. It’s daddy’s.


He begged me to let him take her out in the snow to play. These two adore each other. I’m so thankful.


On Friday night, my parents had us over for dinner. My mom made my favorite dessert…Chocolate Eclair! Yum!


Sleepover at Grandpa’s!


We rode snowmobiles for a few hours on Saturday with Grandpa and the cousins. So much fun!! Lillyanna spent the day with Grandpa and Neena so we could take the older ones. Allie was super scared to go at first, but once she got on, she loved it!


It was fun to check out the ice sculptures by the lake!


Pedal tractor races happened in Grandpa’s loft with the cousins Saturday night including helmets, gloves and the man waving the checkered flag. There was even a cooler with refreshments for the audience! Bottled water and apples…all FREE! I love seeing their imaginations!


Cards with the family! Euchre tournament. Bring it on!


You’re looking at the reigning Euchre Champs!


Sunday snow fort building with daddy. They made a cave that all three of them could fit it! I was impressed.


Meanwhile, inside, a game of Memory with Grandpa. Allie is a super poor sport. We’re working on it.


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