Read-A-Thon 2016 UPDATE

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I am so thrilled to tell you about what God has done! We had so much fun during the Read-a-Thon in March and were so glad to have so many readers and sponsors participate. The combination of my love for books and my heart for orphans is almost too much. I am bursting with excitement!

Going into this fundraiser, I prayed that God would allow us to double the number of participants that we had last year and raise a lofty $5,000. This seemed far-reaching, but I prayed boldly. Well, let me back up, I fretted at first. I obsessively checked my email for news of newly registered participants. I fretted. I worried. One day, God clearly convicted me of not trusting him to provide and that instead of fretting, I needed to start praying. I shared that with Ben that evening and committed to trusting and praying, believing that God could do exceedingly, abundantly more. The very next morning, I checked my email and the number of participants had gone from 10 to 21. I felt God’s blessing and comfort in the reminder that God’s got this. He promised to provide for this adoption and no amount of fretting is going to accomplish anything.

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So, I’m happy to tell you that God answered my prayers! We had 31 readers, over 25,000 pages were read and we raised $5,945.78. We are blown away and incredibly humbled and grateful. Little by little, our needs are being met. Praise God!

We’ve worked hard over the past two years, and many of you have labored alongside of us and given generously. It means so much to have our friends and family support us on this journey. We have also been blessed by complete strangers: members of the family of God who are sensitive to the plight of the orphan. It’s a pretty incredible thing to be a part of.

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I was in awe this morning at all that has gone into the rescuing of ONE orphan. The time. The prayer. The fundraising. The fund-giving. It’s a lot! God brought to mind the parable of the shepherd’s concern for the ONE sheep that was lost. The Good Shepherd will go to great lengths to ensure that even just ONE of His children are saved. He loves us that much. I smile to think of his abundant love for the orphan that will one day be a part of our family.

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Thank you to the many who have walked this journey with us. Isn’t it exciting to be part of what God is doing?!?! I hope you are as blessed by it as we are. Thank you.