Adoption Update



I haven’t written much about our adoption process because there isn’t much to tell. Boy, does this journey feel slow and long! I did a little calculating today:

It’s been 931 days since we returned from Haiti.

Long before that, we tried digging in our heels and telling God we were done growing our family. But, he softened our hearts and urged us to trust him. We agreed to trust him and he has grown our willingness and our desire to have a bigger family. Saying yes was scary but as the months and years go by, God has given me a genuine longing to have another child to call ours. I long to carry and birth and nurse another child.

But first, adoption.

We said “yes” to God and adoption shortly after returning from Haiti and he has been with us every step of the way, guiding and encouraging. We didn’t know this journey was going to be such a long, seemingly endless road, but we utterly and completely trust in God’s timing. 633 days ago we had finally completed the mountain of paperwork and were officially on a waiting list. We moved up about one spot per month on the list until we suddenly came to a screeching halt. No adoptions have been processed for months (maybe even close to a year?) due to changes in their government and adoption board. Praise God, the new adoption board has been sworn in as of November 4th and everyone is hoping to see some major movement in the coming weeks and months.



Our immigration paperwork will expire at the beginning of April 2017. We will need to get an updated home study in order to renew that paperwork. That means we will need to traverse another mountain of paperwork and appointments to get all of that updated and renewed. God graciously provided the funds necessary to make this update happen through an anonymous person in our church. We were so incredibly surprised and thankful when we heard this! God hasn’t forgotten us and hasn’t stopped providing just as he promised he would.

As I was walking this morning, I listened to “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller. I could sing this out loud from the depths of my soul. “I will serve You while I’m waiting.¬†I will worship while I’m waiting. Though it’s not easy, I will wait. I will move ahead bold and confident…every step in obedience.”

We still have a long road ahead of us with no end in sight. Please be praying with us and for us as we wait. Thanks, friends!

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