50 More Bracelets SOLD! Wow!

You guys are knocking my socks off! We are so delighted to see you spreading the word about these beautiful bracelets!  Since I posted on Monday, we have sold 50 more bracelets! I love seeing your pictures and posts of you wearing your new bracelets proudly and encouraging others to get their own. I am touched by your support and generosity. Thank you.

If you haven’t gotten your bracelets yet, we still have a little over a week until our fundraiser is over. Help us sell them all!

Bracelet Sales Progress Thermometer

84 bought, 66 to go!

Thank you so much for all who have supported us and these hard-working Haitian artisans. Your contribution is making a difference!


Bracelets for Sale!

Photo of Bracelets

I am so excited about this fundraiser! It is a win-win situation. While helping fund our adoption, you are helping Haitian artisans provide food, clothing, housing and education for their families. They use recycled magazines and cereal boxes to make unique beads to create this jewelry.  We are partnering with The Apparent Project. Half of each sale goes toward our adoption and half goes back to our beloved Haiti. These make fabulous gifts for family and friends or would be a great thing for you to wear to remember to pray for Haiti and for our family. Each bracelet costs $8 (add $3 for shipping any quantity) and includes a label with the artisans name and a snippet of their story.

Photo of Labels

You should watch this! Your purchase makes such a difference!

Please contact us if you wish to make a purchase. Please include your name, email address, quantity you wish to purchase, shipping address and phone number. We will contact you to arrange payment and delivery. If you would be willing to spread the word, we’d appreciate that too! Thank you.